US Government providing grants for Small Businesses

Government providing grants for Small Businesses

I receive loads of question and letters asking about Grant for starting a new business. Most of them are enthusiastic fresh graduates and some eagle eyed experienced persons as well. They ask:
  Are we eligible for getting government grant for small business?
 What is the procedure to get the government grant?
We are a small business; can we apply to get theMinority Business Grant?
And many more …..

Let me suggest you to Do Not dream about having free dining Buffet. I have gone through bundles of paper, thousands of internet blogs this Topic: but all in vain.

   “Federal Government or state government does not award any grant for starting a business or for paying personal or business debts.”
In Addition to this the Federal Government does not provide any grant for women to start or expand a business.

However there are some special Grants available only to businesses in specific fields or industries identified by the federal or state government as being especially important to the nation or state as a whole, such as medical or scientific research and environmental conservation.

Business in the field of in scientific research and development (R&D) may apply for federal grants under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Similar to SBIR grant state government agencies sometimes offer discretionary incentive grants" to businesses that, in the agencies’ opinion, help stimulate the state’s or region’s economy and advance beneficial causes such as alternative energy development.

   People who are searching for possibilities to get this free money must understand that this is Public tax fund which is being awarded to carry a public purpose of simulation. The government therefore follows very stringent compliance and reporting measures to ensure the money is well spent.  Government business grants difficult and often expensive to apply for, the governments awarding them typically demand some return on their taxpayers’ investment.

  Even if you find yourself a right candidate as per government eligibility criteria and you think your small business may qualify for available grant opportunities you can search for

  • SBA Loans and Grants Search via
  • Search for Federal Grants via

Use the Advanced Search tool to search for a grant by eligibility (e.g., for-profits or small business), by issuing agency, or category (e.g., environment or science and technology).

 Applying for these grants involves sizeable expenditures of money and time and these grants are awarded on a competitive basis. So it’s better to stay away from the frauds that are claiming to get you the grant in exchange of some money.

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