Use Government Grants to Become A Real Estate Entrepreneur?

real estate grantsUS Government Grants are non-repayable funds disbursed  by US government departments to a recipient often a nonprofit entity to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation, authorized by a law of the United States. A grant is not used to acquire property or services for the federal govern

ment’s direct benefit. Grants may also be issued by private non-profit organizations such as foundations, not-for-profit corporations or charitable trusts which are all collectively referred to as charities.

Government grants are issued to carry out a public purpose and need not be payout back. Real estate grants are being awarded to those who are committed to offer affordable housing and jobs to low income communities. Every six months, US government awards grants totaling to $1,000, real estate industry novices to improve the real estate industry of US. Usually government grants are given to nonprofit organization. This Grant aims to attract and educate the novices to increase their sales. Government with this grants aims to provide guidance, assistance, compensation, study material, consultation and software knowledge to new real estate agents. US government disburses real estate grants which includes individual, investor, small business and organizational grants. The few grants categories are  first time home buyers grant, home repair grant, home improvements grant, investments grants etc.

Any U.S. or Canadian nationals are allowed to apply for this grant that is intended to carryout public interest work in real estate field. Applicant must have taken a pre-licensing course at state or nationally accredited Real Estate School and he/she must have taken the class during the six-month grant application season. However the applicant, who has already passed his/her licensing examination, is also eligible for the grant if he has passed for a license within the same six months of grant awarding season.

Candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria can apply for government grant can go to and can get registered as one of the applicants. The application form is electronic and you will be asked to enter personal information. You must answer carefully and precisely with allowed limit of 500 words. The question on application forms are intended to access your communication, behavioral pattern, integrity, entrepreneurial skill and creativity , so choose your words which reflects positive of yours and mirrors your talent.

A panel consists of veterans of industry judges each application form. The chairman of the panel, one among the 15 judges, acts as a coordinator for judging process.  The foundation chooses only best and most experienced leaders in the industry to ensure the impartial selection.

Based on each type of grant, each finalist gets awarded with a grant and receives an estimate of $7000 in the form of Compensation of your licensing fee, a class offered by RealtyU School for once year, free consultation from McLean International Consulting, 20-30 real estate books, membership of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society and many more.

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