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US Government providing grants for Small Businesses

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Government providing grants for Small Businesses

I receive loads of question and letters asking about Grant for starting a new business. Most of them are enthusiastic fresh graduates and some eagle eyed experienced persons as well. They ask:
  Are we eligible for getting government grant for small business?
 What is the procedure to get the government grant?
We are a small business; can we apply to get theMinority Business Grant?
And many more …..

Let me suggest you to Do Not dream about having free dining Buffet. I have gone through bundles of paper, thousands of internet blogs this Topic: but all in vain.

   “Federal Government or state government does not award any grant for starting a business or for paying personal or business debts.”
In Addition to this the Federal Government does not provide any grant for women to start or expand a business.

However there are some special Grants available only to businesses in specific fields or industries identified by the federal or state government as being especially important to the nation or state as a whole, such as medical or scientific research and environmental conservation.

Business in the field of in scientific research and development (R&D) may apply for federal grants under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. Similar to SBIR grant state government agencies sometimes offer discretionary incentive grants" to businesses that, in the agencies’ opinion, help stimulate the state’s or region’s economy and advance beneficial causes such as alternative energy development.

   People who are searching for possibilities to get this free money must understand that this is Public tax fund which is being awarded to carry a public purpose of simulation. The government therefore follows very stringent compliance and reporting measures to ensure the money is well spent.  Government business grants difficult and often expensive to apply for, the governments awarding them typically demand some return on their taxpayers’ investment.

  Even if you find yourself a right candidate as per government eligibility criteria and you think your small business may qualify for available grant opportunities you can search for

  • SBA Loans and Grants Search via
  • Search for Federal Grants via

Use the Advanced Search tool to search for a grant by eligibility (e.g., for-profits or small business), by issuing agency, or category (e.g., environment or science and technology).

 Applying for these grants involves sizeable expenditures of money and time and these grants are awarded on a competitive basis. So it’s better to stay away from the frauds that are claiming to get you the grant in exchange of some money.

How to Get the Best Grants for College Students

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Grants are financial aid that doesn’t have to be repaid and often called as “gift aid” because they are free money. The basic difference between scholarships and grants is that the Grants are often need-based, while scholarships are usually merit-based.

Colleges are getting expensive year after year. Those are lucky whose parents set aside some money for the occasion. Those who have do not have this option available for them; can opt for getting a scholarship but that is a cake for merit students only. Remaining students can always try the student loan but those who don’t even have their finances in shape can go for government grants.

Student loans are not always supportive as they are to be repaid with interest. Students, opted for loans, sometime find it difficult to repay as the current job market is hard to enter and wages may be lower than expected.

There are many other grants along with government grant which are offered to students like grant for specific study, industry sponsored grants and college grants for women. College grants for women offer women a chance to attend the college and to get professional studies to reach to the area where women workers are in minority.

All interested in grants or in any federal student aid, can start by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSASM). The eligibility criteria for applying for a government grant are:

  • U.S. citizenship, or U.S. nation, or eligible non citizen status
  • Submit a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form demonstrating financial need.
  • Poses a social Security number.
  • Pass the General Education Development (GED), High School Diploma or approved test.
  • Registration with the Selective Service program. (Only for males aged 18 to 25.)
  • Promise that the grant will be used exclusively for education.
  • Show satisfactory progress in academic subjects.
  • Currently study at an approved educational facility.

The U.S. Department of Education offers a variety of federal grants to students attending four-year colleges or universities, community colleges, and career schools.

  • Federal Pell Grants : this education grant is for only those undergraduate students, who have not earned a bachelor’s or a professional degree.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) : this educational grant is for undergraduate students with exceptional financial need.
  • Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grants :  Grant for those who plans to become a teacher in a high-need field in a low-income area. It requires you to take certain kinds of classes in order to get the grant, and then do a teaching job in low income areas to keep the grant from turning into a loan
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants is for those students whose parent or guardian died as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG) : for innovative students graduated from rigorous high school programs
  • National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (National SMART Grant) given in areas of mathematics, technology, engineering, physical science, life science, computer science, critical foreign languages, and non-major single liberal arts to enhance USA blobal competitiveness

After applying to, within seven to ten days applicant should get a letter your school’s financial aid office telling you if you are eligible for any state or federal grants.

Few Tips for application:Try to apply to as many sources as necessary to cover your expenses.

  • Write a grant application like you are presenting yourself as this improves your chances to get selected. Spelling mistakes, unclear writing can lead to rejection of application, write as good as you can write. Also you can take guidance from you well-wishers to fill the forms. If photos are required for any application, take the time to have brilliant headshot taken and copies made.
  • Try to communicate that why you are choosing the courses of study and what your plans for a future career are. Describe your Enthusiasm for your subject and dedication towards career.
  • Errors are easily missed so get another person to read it back to you. Only a well checked duly filled appealing application will win the Grant.

Use Government Grants to Become A Real Estate Entrepreneur?

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

real estate grantsUS Government Grants are non-repayable funds disbursed  by US government departments to a recipient often a nonprofit entity to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation, authorized by a law of the United States. A grant is not used to acquire property or services for the federal govern

ment’s direct benefit. Grants may also be issued by private non-profit organizations such as foundations, not-for-profit corporations or charitable trusts which are all collectively referred to as charities.

Government grants are issued to carry out a public purpose and need not be payout back. Real estate grants are being awarded to those who are committed to offer affordable housing and jobs to low income communities. Every six months, US government awards grants totaling to $1,000, real estate industry novices to improve the real estate industry of US. Usually government grants are given to nonprofit organization. This Grant aims to attract and educate the novices to increase their sales. Government with this grants aims to provide guidance, assistance, compensation, study material, consultation and software knowledge to new real estate agents. US government disburses real estate grants which includes individual, investor, small business and organizational grants. The few grants categories are  first time home buyers grant, home repair grant, home improvements grant, investments grants etc.

Any U.S. or Canadian nationals are allowed to apply for this grant that is intended to carryout public interest work in real estate field. Applicant must have taken a pre-licensing course at state or nationally accredited Real Estate School and he/she must have taken the class during the six-month grant application season. However the applicant, who has already passed his/her licensing examination, is also eligible for the grant if he has passed for a license within the same six months of grant awarding season.

Candidates who fulfill the eligibility criteria can apply for government grant can go to and can get registered as one of the applicants. The application form is electronic and you will be asked to enter personal information. You must answer carefully and precisely with allowed limit of 500 words. The question on application forms are intended to access your communication, behavioral pattern, integrity, entrepreneurial skill and creativity , so choose your words which reflects positive of yours and mirrors your talent.

A panel consists of veterans of industry judges each application form. The chairman of the panel, one among the 15 judges, acts as a coordinator for judging process.  The foundation chooses only best and most experienced leaders in the industry to ensure the impartial selection.

Based on each type of grant, each finalist gets awarded with a grant and receives an estimate of $7000 in the form of Compensation of your licensing fee, a class offered by RealtyU School for once year, free consultation from McLean International Consulting, 20-30 real estate books, membership of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society and many more.

Government Grants for Women together with Small Business Owners

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

grants for womenEarlier, the government grants were dominated only by male section of the societies. Government used to finance a large sum of money for education which was mainly utilized by the males. But now, government has formulated grants for women specifically. It is one of the most important sources of fund for the women who look for new opportunities in life. Overlooking such grants is like overlooking the needs of women.

Several associations for women offer educational grants in order to elevate the position of women. Such grants ensure that women should also participate in technical and traditional fields like teaching, nursing, biotechnology and other fields. However, such fields also allow male applications simultaneously. The grants given by these associations are highly competitive in nature and are not need-driven always. Thus, it simply means that these grants are based on merits.  People who are eligible will be only given these grants.

Several grants, while rendering a specific amount of money for undergraduate studies, are mechanized more toward higher level studies despite of it being more costly. In fact women who pursue for PHD have more opportunities to acquire these grants. Many fellowships are also assisted by institutes of higher education in their research works. A great technical help is provided to them so that they may carry-on their works with enhanced efficiencies.

Government grants for women, is not specifically for individual women, rather it is for women associations. Such grants are provided to various non-profit organizations, schools and colleges. By financing schools and college it aims at enhancing the skills of young women and girls. More employment opportunities are rendered to them.

Women owned Businesses are also gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Such women who need grants to commence enterprises or consolidating their businesses are also funded by the Government. They are just needed to fill an application in order to get an access to these grants. Different amount is sanctioned to the different types of enterprises depending on their needs.  Women organizations which are in need of grants conduct a lot of research. Research is the only way through which one can get funded.

It is noted that grants provided to women enterprises develop more skills in them. They are able to work with enhanced efficiency and skills thereby overcoming their financial difficulties. The innovative ideas which are funded, lead towards the development of leadership qualities in them. It also improves science and math abilities in women. Young girls and women can also go through job trainings and can get employed. They just need to do is to keep in touch with other women and local people charities. Many experienced women aim at training young girls so that they may also get established.

If there is a women engineer, then she should readily acquire these grants in order to open a firm. She should train other girls and women so that they may become also become self-dependent like her. It would be a great contribution towards the society. Therefore a woman who is looking for such funds should not stop until she achieves the desired results.

Facts About Government Grants

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

college grantThough, the availability of government grants is determined by various issues and economic factors yet it remains to be the most important option for those who needs it. Government grants are rendered at federal levels, country levels and even at city levels.

Although, a lot of debate takes place regarding the eligibility and criteria of government grants, such grants always follow a set of patterns to determine who deserves them literally. Grants are most reliable sources of government funding. To deny these grants means to deny the funds which were needed at the time of necessity. The entities which are eligible at the federal level are- government housing authority, NGOs, units of general local authorities and other planning organizations; or profit organizations, Indian tribes or a combination of the above can apply together. The list is quite easy to comprehend altogether.

If one is a college going student then it is quite an expensive task without a college grant. With the advent of each day the fees are rising significantly. College grants are gaining popularity nowadays. They are necessary for the student as well as their families in order to comply with rules and regulations for gaining proper acceptance.

Students who are in need of such grant should fill the free application of the FAFSA. Several strategies to fill these forms are available on the official website itself. Students are advised to visit the official site for all the detailed information.

A large number of entities give community grants as well. These grants are provided by HUD (HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT) at the federal levels. The program aims at providing rationally priced homes for the most vulnerable people in a particular community. Creation of jobs through various strategies is also practiced. At different levels, these grants are rendered by foundations which follow certain eligibility criteria

educational grantsEducation grants are another type of government grants which are allotted by Congress to certain agencies only. These grants do not only render financial aid needs but also render other lawful considerations. They are also called formula grants.

The eligibility criteria are decided according to the stream of education that builds a career in a specific industry. For instance if a student is interested and opting industrial health along with safety of mines as his career then the Erma Byrd program of scholarship shall provide grants to that individual. If one wants to really acquire this grant, then full investigation and research about the criteria and eligibility should be learned well. These grants are very competitive in nature.

The most interesting feature about this grant is its overcharging eligibility factor. Women over 25 and individuals above 60years of age can also apply for this grant. Moreover single mothers are also allowed to make attempts in order to receive these grants.

It should be remembered that people who are applying for these grants are required to carefully observe the formalities and are needed to fulfill it in a logical way. Answers should be written in concise. Search commences with research but does ends only when one utilizes these grants at the end.

How Government Grants Can Stables your Business

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

Economic down swings in a business requires Government funding desperately. These kinds of Business corporations require something better than ordinary investors. In short, they require business grants from the government. Through these grants are often a topic of great discussion amongst entrepreneurs but the fact that it can revive and consolidate a business cannot be denied.

Government Grants

Government grants are rendered at the discretion of congress and are approved by the president. These grants for business are provided in limited areas and fields only. For instance, business involved in technical research and development is eligible but there are two restrictions which are applicable to it. Firstly, the business should be in accord to the research and development program by the government and secondly, it should it should have capacity enough to flourish commercially in the future. However, many entrepreneurs yet apply for these funds depending on the type of business and financial requirements they have.

The US government provides grants in numerous departments. When it comes to federal grants there are few restrictions apply on the departments that needs to be reviewed before one applies for such grants. The grant does not render individual financial assistance. It will be applied over the propriety agencies only.  So the first thing one need to do is to get registered on the official website and receive regular emails updating about the latest funding initiatives.

Grant research is another solution for all the problems related to housing, literacy, the environment and health issues. It is though a time taking process but this search can be a combination remedy for a single problem or a number of problems grouped together.

Organizations that usually search for such type of funding are schools, universities, charities, colleges, medical research facilities and many other agencies. The foundation shall fulfill the needs of the committees as per the eligibility criteria. However if the government denies in any case, then it shall be a sheer wastage of time and efforts of the agencies. One should properly clarify the need and commence the research accordingly. If in case the need exceeds the parameters then one should immediately eliminate that need and if in contrast, the requirement is within the parameters then one should pro

ceed without any sort of hesitation. All one needs is to keep patience after applying for this grant. Despairing is not an ideal solution at all.

Government funding refers to granting loans and other financial help to the deserving individuals and agencies. This type of funding occurs because of multi-levels systems. Fellowships getting grants receive financial help in specific enterprises in which people go for post doctorate or technical researches. By funding these enterprises the government basically funds itself in its research and technical tasks.

The government obtains funds through fines, penalties, taxes on income and various other things. Almost everyone is aware of the way government funds itself. In some areas reserve bank prints note to assist in funding.

All the government grants have certain rules and regulations that need to be stipulated. The formalities require proper and timely completion. Then only one can wait genuinely wait till the funds are expended.

How Government Grants Can Help You

Monday, May 6th, 2013

You might have the idea , you might know the route to achieve your dream but you might still have a hindrance. Well, one can very well imagine what the hindrance is. Money , ofcourse. If you are an emerging enterprise with a mind blowing idea with little or no money, don’t lose hope. There is a federal grant to back you up. These grants are allocated by the government to help you get your infrastructure ready when you are in need of finances for your enterprise. This is generally perceived in cases of small or medium businesses. Such business work on a small scale and more towards the development of the society at the grassroots level. Hence, in such case, the government provides the hand of support by providing them with federal grants to help the entrepreneur achieve his dream and in turn contribute to the society in large. The United States is the place famous for giving out grants and other low interest loans in order to make its economic foundation stronger and more efficient.

Now which are the institutions which award these federal grants? To name a few of them, mention can be made of NGOs, local governments, intermediary institutions and other development agencies. The first and the foremost step is to perform a thorough research in order to find out the source of receiving the grants. Once this is in place, then the next step is to find out the scheme under which you can apply for the grant. One must remember that since these grants come without any security deposits, credit cheques or collateral security.

These are government grants and hence Government grant research is important to find out which are the ones that one is eligible to apply for. For an amateur grant researcher, grant databases are the best places to start the search. If one does not have access to the grant database then a company’s 990 which details out the grant with respect to the kind of people they fund, the eligibility criteria that they follow to fund an organization, the history of the funding that they have allotted that year. All this together gives an idea as to whether this organization will help with government funding your business enterprise. If you lack a website that gives details of the awards, areas of interest, proposal instructions, deadlines, then one must think twice before wasting time and energy to develop the proposal.

Foundation Search Online along with Foundation research online are the two most reliable sources to gain knowledge about government grants and funds. However, at the end of the day, one has to find out a reliable site, and then one has to just go with one’s instinct to make the research process. There is no doubt that a little time and effort along with patience ad persistence is required to land on the right platform who can provide you with grants sufficient for your enterprise.

US Grants – Grow Your Business

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

The business of yours is one of the dearest things for you want to develop and protect. Your business is a support for your family and your dreams are worth it. You would never like or wish your business to fall or drown. Not only economically but it is emotionally attached to you. Rather you are emotionally attached to it. Bring your dream work, you surely want it to prosper and go to new heights, earning tremendous profits.

Business Grants: A business cannot be erected on one foot. You need a hand to support a business. There are many ways to get that support for your business. Sometimes your friends in the same business support you, you may ask for some monetary support from friends and you may take some loan from the financial companies. But there is one good option. You may look for a business grant for your business. A Business Grant is essentially provided by the government of a country. The federal government of the US provides some business grants for your business if it meets the standards of the business which US government has set.

Business Expansion Grants: Business Expansion Grants are the grants that are given by the country to the business for growing up their business in these grants are given by the US government to let your business expand and gain the force and space in the market. The business when given the full swing with power by these business expansion grants makes the business bloom and cherish. The important part of the grants process is to know where to use the grant provided.

Government Grants for Small Business: Government Grants for Small Business is a help provided by the US governments to make your business develop if it’s a small business. If you have a small business that meets the standards of the government, you can apply for the US government grants for the business and you will be given a small business grant that will give you a chance to make your name flash in the market of the big fishes of US. The US government is always ready to provide support to the small business so that they can come up to the market. The business makes the government for the development business provides the government revenue than an undeveloped one. Thus, by providing you the grants they are not helping you rather they are helping themselves. You on the other hand are benefitted by the developed business as well.

The other way to say it is through grants they are providing you with monetary support. While you need them they need you to. No one in the word can stand alone to overcome, Alexander needed an Army to conquer the world and to feed them he needed money. Here too, the mission of yours to make your business the best in the world is to be supported by the US government grants for your business. You just need to be aware of the opportunities.

Grants Can Make Your Life Better Financially

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

There are many times you are in adverse conditions for you have not enough money to support yourself and your family. You ask your friends and they will support you but for what time you can be supported by them. It is known to everyone that US government has been working for eradicating poverty and adversary from the nation. Every year the US government gives grants to many people who need it. If you need it you are also eligible for the US Grant– They may be personal grants or commercial Grants or housing grants. There have been many grants to those who needed it in the past.

Personal Grants:

When you need money, you are provided with personal grant.  Personal grants are given to those who by any reason are not able to support their livelihood. This is not provided to say that you are worthless. This is for the time you don’t get in a better condition to support yourself and your family. The person who cannot even stand for himself cannot support anyone- that’s a truth you cannot overcome that. This is just to support you in making yourself realize that you are worth great and you can do miracles for yourself.

Commercial Grants:

Commercial grantsare the grants provided to the commercially active organizations to support them. As you are in a business and you are just at the beginning stage, often you need some support. You will be provided the commercial support by the government. This support is called business grants to the commercial units. The commercial grants are given to the business units to help them start, develop and prosper. These grants have proved worth for many organizations. The commercial grants have been given to those who are worthy of it.


Housing Grants:

Housing grants are provided to those who are in no state to have a residence at their own costs. There are many cyclones and storms every year which destroys the housings on the shore and whatever comes its way. The US government has provided support to the people whose properties were in any case devastated in the storms or cyclones. Sometimes these grants are also provided to the needy people who were not devastated but they don’t have homes to live in.

Who can apply?

This is an important question to be asked. There are some standards fixed for the people who want to apply for personal grants-

  • Unemployed people are given the grants personal grants from the US Government
  • If you had a bankruptcy you are given grants business grants by the US Government
  • The housing grant is given to the people who had a foreclosure by the US Government
  • If you have collateral you are eligible for the funding as per US Government Norms
  • Those who have a bad credit get the funding by the US government

The US Government is providing grants for a better life of its citizens the awareness is all what you require.

How to take benefits of Grants

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013


US government Grants are very helpful for the people and organizations that want to live for a cause or want to achieve something that will benefit the society in long run. Research projects, higher education, skill development training and finance for other such activities make you eligible for grants. If you are woman and you desire to pursue higher studies, you can be eligible for government grants. There are many eligibility criteria’s for the grants. There are education grants, there are real estate grants, there are education grants, church grants, women grants, business grants etc.  The grants are meant for the benefit of the society and you must avail the opportunity of you think that you deserve it. The application process is rather simple if you apply for the grants through the help of internet.  There are dedicated web portals that allow you to file for grants with absolute ease and they will also assist you in determining the eligibility. The right website will answer all your concerns with absolute ease. Use the websites, apply for government grants and get the benefits you rightly deserve. The process cannot be any simpler. You can now apply for government grants from home sitting on your Sofa.

Getting grants for benefit

  • There can be many reasons to get grants. Also, there can be many types of grants depending upon the reasons you have. There are grants provided by various levels of government also. There are grants at federal level, state level and county level.
  • If you are a student who want to pursue higher studies and cannot do so in want of money, you can apply for grants easily. The grants you are eligible for are the education grants.
  • If you are a woman and want to provide or get some kind of skill development training for women, you can apply for women grants easily. Women grants are also available for women who want to start a business which will benefit the women.
  • There are non-profit grants which are related to the benefit of complete society. The cause must be selfless and must have an effect in the society.
  • Then there are business grants, church grants, minority grants, research grants, environmental grants, real estate grants, medical grants etc. for the benefit of society at large.




  • When you want to apply for government grants, you must apply for it online. The US government funding is simple to get when you know about the three factors involved- announcement, eligibility and application format.
  • The announcement should be known to you as soon as possible. You should check your eligibility carefully. And once you come to know that you are eligible, you must apply for government grants with an application that is best in its category.
  • Read sample applications for help. It will ensure that you know what to write and how to convince the authorities concerned.

US government funding is there for business grants, educations grants and much more. You must apply fast to get the US government grants for all these fields now.