Women Government Grant

Despite the numerous claims made by internet sites and late-night info commercials, women government grants , while available, are not as easily obtainable as made to believe. Claims that millions, if not billions of dollars are available are, at the very least, misleading.

Are there government grants available? Absolutely. How they are made available is important. Therefore, for a woman who is seeking a potential government grant – at the federal, state, or county/city levels, why the grant funds are needed is the key factor. If, as a woman, one is seeking an education grant to attend a vocational/technical school, or college, then the government provides such financial aid. Rules and regulations apply, and must be followed to ensure that the application is successful.

If, as a business woman, one is seeking for women government grant, then identifying a government grants depends on the nature of the business. If the business is a research and development one, then, federal government grants are available through two programs established by Congress. Review the information at the website of the Small Business Administration (SBA). Clear instructions are outlined that govern research and development along with the federal agencies that provide such funds.

However, if a woman owns a business that is an industry type involved in, e.g., broadband technology, advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, graphic design, this business may be apply to access government grants in a unique way. Some current funding opportunities have offered grants up to $5M to place, educate and train Americans to secure long-term employment. These federal funding initiatives allow a group of businesses, as specified by the funding announcement, to collaborate to provide the requisite training and skills to selected individuals, needed to advance in certain occupations. The federal government is interested in increasing diversity among all industry types so such funding initiatives provide excellent opportunities to educate, train, and place women and minorities in key industries. If this piques one’s interest, then most assuredly, as a woman, register with Grants.gov, and receive daily e-mail announcements on current federal funding opportunities. And sign up for announcements directly from the Department of Labor (DOL).

While there are numerous agencies of the federal government, most fund entities that meet the eligibility requirements. Very seldom does one see a federal grant here individuals – women or men – may apply. Fellowships are the exception, but, again, there are strict rules and guidelines attached to such awards.

At the state level, are there Women government grants? Again, as with the federal government, most grants are awarded to entities: counties, cities, and non-profit organizations. These entities, in turn, may use them for their own express purposes as designated by the award itself, or re-direct them to certain public charities providing human services: food, shelter, and clothing.

One of the best sources of grants for women is foundations. These, too, require research to determine what foundation provides what, and how. Some of these foundations are attached to large corporations, and therefore partially funded by them.

Seek, look, and find! That’s the key.

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