Government Funding

Government funding includes loans, grants, and other kinds of financial assistance. While these are general classifications, government funding more often than not refers to grants awarded to certain qualified agencies and individuals. Individuals awarded grants receive funding on very selective enterprises such as post doctorate fellowships or in scientific research that will not benefit a researcher personally, but benefit the general public. Also, government funding refers to the ways in which governments fund themselves, and what services, in turn, are funded.

Grant monies are obtained through income tax payments, fines to individuals or businesses, and central banks’ operations. Most everyone understands the system of income tax. Fines are imposed penalties for crimes and misdemeanors. In countries where central banks are an essential component of the financial integrity and operation of the country, these banks print money to assist in funding the government. The down size of a central bank system is that currency can be devalued when the government requires more money to fund itself.

Government funding is further complicated because it is a multi-level system. Not only can the federal government provide grants, so can states, counties and local government agencies, such as cities and townships. Oftentimes, state, county and local government agencies provide grants to only qualified entities such as non profit organizations, schools, institutions of higher learning, etc. All government grants have eligibility rules, and requirements that must be followed.

It is true, as well; that funding opportunities exist at all levels for government grants. Make no mistake: there is funding for housing, home improvements, minority businesses, women-owned businesses, environmental initiatives, library improvements, literacy programs, after school activities, etc. While some of these funding opportunities are available at the federal level, others are available at the state level. Oftentimes, minority businesses and women-owned businesses can find grant funding at the state level. And, sometimes, but not always, a business can obtain a local government grant through the city or township where it is located.

Furthermore, government grant funding provides significant monies for public services. These public services include law enforcement, health and human services, road construction, national defense, and emergency disaster relief to identify but a few. These services are funded at both the federal and state levels.

Finding government funding is not particularly difficult. At the federal level, simply go to This website is the clearinghouse for all federal funding opportunities. One can search by agency, category, number, or just review the most current announcements. With states…type in: Pennsylvania (or the appropriate state) grants funding. One can, of course, search by department at the state level as well. The search depends on what program/project needs funding.

Remember, too: All government grants have eligibility rules. They are have requirements and stipulations. They all have some kind of follow-up that requires completion of documents including a final report that details how funds were expended. Many government grants will demand an audit at the end of the grant cycle.

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