Sample Grant Proposal

Grant Application should contain:

  • A needs sentence, or paragraph, preferably substantiated with appropriate statistics
  • A solution paragraph emphasizing quantifiable results rather than methods
  • A sentence, or paragraph, outlining what actions have already been taken to solve the problem
  • Background information on the organization from which the request is coming
  • A request for a specific amount of money (or items)

Sample Proposal For Grant:

Date (MM/DD/YY)

XYZ Town Public School District
6666 Central Avenue
Larger Town, State-oh 76543-1234
(000) xxx-xxxx


XYZ International

XYZ Main Street

Somewhere, Somestate xxxxxxx


Regarding: Corporate Contribution for XYZ Elementary School ABC Public School District Larger Town, State-oh

Dear Sir/Madam;

The Anywhere Public School District is one of 12 local education agencies in Southgreen County, State-oh. We provide a comprehensive K-x education to 7000 students who reside in the 400 square miles of our district. In addition, we provide Special Education services to 700 students, latch key and breakfast to 500 students and after school recreation for 800 at-risk youths.

The students served by the Anywhere Public School District come from a variety of socio-economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. For approximately 400 students English is a second language. In order to better serve the needs of these ESL students, we have employed a part-time teacher to work in small groups with these students and their parents. She reports that the students’ progress would be markedly improved if we could make English -As-A -Game Software available to them as a practice exercise.

However, the district has no budget for additional software this school year. All discretionary money available was used to hire the teacher on a part-time basis. Rather than have these students fall behind their peers for two more semesters, we hope that you will donate a copy of English-As-A-Game to our district. The district will provide a 486 computer with large screen to the classroom for use by the students.

Please join us in enhancing this program for ESL students in our district. Their enthusiasm for school grows as they become more familiar with the English language. Their faces glow with pride and accomplishment. Their parents and younger siblings are becoming much more at ease in the school setting. Providing opportunities for these students to reach their educational goals builds strength in our community and our nation.


Name, Occupation

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